Feedback Solutions

Feedback Solutions Inc. was founded in 2013 in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It was launched by industry veterans in the ‘People Counting‘ industry and ‘Building Controls’‘ space with the idea of building a solution that will enable facility and energy managers to use this technology to control variable speed fans based on actual occupancy. After initial trials and successfully testing our solution, in two university buildings, Feedback Solutions released the ‘Occupancy Controller’ end of 2013 providing facility and energy managers with a tool to define controls on their building ventilation rates based on actual occupancy. One of the key achievements was to be able to deliver the occupancy data over BACnet/IP, a key requirement for seamless integration with any building automation system. Our initial deployment in two buildings in Toronto has yielded over $1.5 Million in savings per year with a payback of fewer than two years.

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