Global Innovation Showcase to Unveil Seven Startups from Canadian Tech Accelerator

Global Innovation Showcase to Unveil Seven Startups from Canadian Tech Accelerator
May 16, 2017 Canadian

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 16, 2017 – The Canadian Tech Accelerator (CTA@NYC) will present the graduates of its fifteenth class at its Global Innovation Showcase, held at Grind West Street. This cohort class represents Canadian-founded companies entering the U.S. marketplace across the artificial intelligence, holography, retail, virtual reality, education, and media industries. The keynote address will be given by Alex Ibrahim, Head of International Markets at the New York Stock Exchange, who had a key role in the IPOs of Canadian companies Canada Goose and Shopify.

“Graduation” day highlights include: Neweb Labs ’ holographic pop star, Maya Kodes, doing a real-time Q&A and the announcement of her upcoming EP; leading indoor mapping SaaS platform provider MappedIn announcing a new partnership to offer seamless wayfinding experiences to shoppers online, on mobile and in-venue; virtual reality production studio UNLTD VR reveals an exclusive look at the 360º trailer for the first-ever VR TV series, “Trinity.”

Canadian Tech Accelerator, founded in 2012 is a Canadian tech startup accelerator that focuses on supporting high potential technology companies to expand internationally. Through client acquisition, mentoring and introduction to business contacts, the program gives Canadian start-ups access to key resources to accelerate their growth.

Canadian companies comprise a surprisingly large number of total companies listed on the NYSE, in part due to the Canadian government’s commitment to encouraging and supporting the local startup community.

“I’m excited to be part of this important event as I am confident thee companies will have promising futures, perhaps as publicly traded companies,” said Alex Ibrahim, Head of International Markets at the New York Stock Exchange, and keynote speaker at the Global Innovation Showcase. “The NYSE has enjoyed a long history with Canada dating back to the 19th century, and more recently celebrated the IPOs of Shopify, Canada Goose and Zymeworks.”

CTA@NYC has assisted over 300 companies enter the U.S. market, with $351 million capital raised. They have created over 1,300 new jobs, and have seen $95 million in new revenue.

According to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “Canada’s tech industry is doing great because of the connections to Silicon Valley. And I know Canada is providing expert value and advantages to Silicon Valley. There is always going to be far more things that keep us working together than those narrow interests that always want to close off or impose barriers.”

The Spring 2017 Cohort Class had to meet a challenging list of requirements in order to be accepted into the program, including reaching $1M in revenue and/or investment, showing a proven business model in Canada, and presenting a client acquisition strategy for U.S. expansion.

The companies that will be showcased at the May 16, 2017 Global Innovation Showcase are:

Ellicom : A digital learning company that leverages new approaches and technologies, such as virtual reality and drones, to design interactive and learner-centric training strategies that are effective and memorable. : The construction industry’s first AI solution purpose that’s built to improve jobsite productivity and safety.

MappedIn : A mapping company that powers search and discovery indoors. The software platform provides industry leading tools for REITs and retailers to manage their dynamic indoor information, and build digital wayfinding experiences into customer-facing applications.

Neweb Labs : An interactive technology company that uses holography, motion capture, and artificial intelligence to provide cutting-edge experiences that help customers bond with brands.

Nobal (iMirror) : iMirror provides immersive in-store experiences that allow customers to receive a tailored service and discover personalized offerings.

UNLTD VR : A Virtual Reality (360º) Company that offers branded and original VR content for immersive and interactive media.

Visual Capitalist : A media and news firm which creates and curates visual content focused on latest trends in business and investing.


The Consulate General in New York established the Canadian Tech Accelerator (CTA@NYC) in New York City in 2012 to help Canadian tech companies access key resources to accelerate growth, particularly as it relates to international expansion into the U.S. market. New York City is increasingly taking center stage as a hotbed for internet-based technology entrepreneurship and is a world capital for advertising, media, fashion/retail, financial services and innovation.

CTA@NYC seeks to support high potential technology companies as they strive to expand globally, specifically in the US. CTA@NYC partners with technology companies of all fields, including digital tech, life science technology, health tech, and environmental technology. The organization has established over 600 partnerships, and is currently on its fifteenth class.

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