Bushel Plus

Climate change is driving farmers to consider how they impact the soils. Buy utilizing our Bushel Plus system, farmers can reduce the volunteer weeds going out the back of harvester machines, significantly impacting their weed management efforts, which will positively benefit the soils. Further as climate change forces us to be more aware of our food supply chain, we need to ensure farmers are capturing as-much-as possible in their hoppers and bins. Our Bushel Plus system enables farmers to ensure more product is available in the food supply chain for consumers.

Lastly with a better calibrated combine, farmers will spend less time in the field, positively impacting compaction and soil conditions. As well as their overall eco footprint. Our Bushel Plus system equips farmers with the power to ensure combines are effectively calibrated for maximum effectiveness.

Bushel Plus is an innovative, easy to use drop pan solution that effectively calibrates combine harvesters. This helps farmers be more profitable while positively impacting the soils and food supply chain.

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